I made a thing

It was a bit quiet here, hmmm? Sry for that, but there is a reason.

This little girl named Rinoa stepped into my life, BEST thing I ever made!
So, blessed as I am so, busy as well, got a full time job, fatherhood, performing and Staffsmith! With the child comes the change, new flat, new life, new workshop!

The new Workshop is rdy for a new opening, I’ve got a lot of new energy and ideas for new flow arts props and refined the older builds a lot.
And there is new stuff in the pipeline!

· New portable system (metal free, no rattle, full carbon-fiber )
· New 360° Wheel Dragon Build. (a lot lighter, promising hubs)

There is a good chance, that I buy my 3D-Printer after Xmas,
Got tones off plans with it, bud more of that when it’s done.

Thank you for all your support, without it, Staffsmith wouldn’t be years back on most levels.
Thank you for helping me do what I love!

stay balanced