Flow Arts Prop Design

Welcome to StaffSmith!

My name is Thorben Plath, I’m a working acrobat, fire artist and juggler. Some of these art forms are called flow arts, as doing them can get into a deeply meditative flow.

After being inspired to join flow arts by poi fifteen years ago, my fascination quickly found its home in staffs, which have become a major part of my life since then. Everything I know about balance staffs taught me. The more I learned, the better I got in understanding to balance the unique flow of staffs, the higher my requirements grew. No tool I tried could ever quite meet my standards. I was always looking for that perfect tool – until I decided to simply create it myself. From that point on I started learning from every staff I could possibly get my hands on, analyzing their peculiarities and always improving their flow.

Flow Art Props

​I design, 3d Print and hand build flow art props and training tools in various designs  – ready to help you discover your own love for flow arts. You can find more detailed information on this page.

  • ​My work roots in German craftsmanship and it’s focused on quality processing and developing the best possible attributes.
  • Hundreds of prototypes of a diverse range of tools went through my workshop, before I finally felt I had found my way.

Gamechanger travel staff

27 Stickystick Balance

Rope and Magnet based props

Where to buy?

Staffsmith will be selling tools on community festivals and conventions and also manufacturing unique tools on demand.
Working on bigger manufacturing capacities and Online Shop

Support Innovation


You can now support my work on Patreon and help me to reach new heights of flow and allow for the time required to constantly evolve the tools for our community.

Thank you sooo much for your support, love art!

Thorben Plath
aka StaffSmith