Flow Art Props & Tools

Staffsmith Flow Art Props are hand-made and fully customisable tools for professional artists and enthusiasts alike. I use only the best quality carbon and hand craft most other items in my own workshop and 3d Printfarm.

  • Fully modular system. Use our Contact staff with any adapter, i.e. the 360° Wheel Dragon.
  • Different end-weights available. Colourful 3d Printed Heads in different sizes!
  • All Staffs are made metal-free, for extra light weight
  • 3 Part Portable Staff and Full Pole Contactstaffs are available.

360⁰ Wheel Dragon

360°Wheel´s are easy and fast mounting Dragonstaff adapters,
fitting on all of my training staffs.

Contact Staff

Staffs and Heads are fully customised to your wishes.
Length, girth, weight, colors, materials… all up to you!

3d Printed Parts

Available in many colors.
Super durable!

Custom Props and Prints

Looking for something special?
Let’s talk about what I can do for you.

This page is still in the building process, please contact me if you have any questions.
More cool Flow Art Props to be coming in 2020!