Sneak peek on dragon parts

Here is a little sneak peek of upcoming parts for the new Wheeldragon from Staffsmith. The first prototypes will go out this month. Happy spinning! … Read more

I made a thing

It was a bit quiet here, hmmm? Sry for that, but there is a reason. This little girl named Rinoa stepped into my life, BEST … Read more

Tiptail Pro is coming up.

Hey my awesome supporters, I have a little present for you.Every Patreon supporter that pledges €10 or more each month will get a 50% discount … Read more

Phoenix Fire Convention 2017

We’re on our way to Phoenix Fire Convention 2017 right now! In the next days we’ll be setting up the landing zone, which will hold … Read more

Visiting EJC 2017

I will be present at the EJC, come up and say hi!